Master Catalogue

06 June 2021

The ultimate catalogue for all hospitality needs- The Danube Hospitality Solutions Master Catalogue!

by Danube Hospitality Solutions | 06 June 2021 | Master Catalogue

The Danube Hospitality Master Catalogue is a 700 page catalogue created in partnership with 41 international brands and is available in both physical and digital format. This catalogue showcases over 10,000 products across different categories and brands that cater to the needs of the hospitality industry. Danube Hospitality Solutions is slowly but surely becoming the leading hotel amenities suppliers in the UAE. With a driven team of individuals who are experts in the hotel supply business and strategic associations with the most iconic brands across the world, Danube Hospitality Solutions is a hospitality supply company that consistently delivers on the most exacting projects with ease.

Danube Hospitality Solutions product and service offerings are split into two broad categories, OS&E that stands for Operating Supplies & Equipment and FF&E that stands for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment. OS&E products are essential for the day to day running of the restaurant, café or hotel kitchen. This covers kitchen equipment, cook ware, serve ware, cutlery and food transport equipment. The FF&E products help define the character and ambience of a restaurant or hotel brand. This includes all the furniture and décor and soft furnishing. From the curtains that adorns the windows to the sheets that’s spread on the bed; the towels and robes for your guests to the table linen, every little thing that makes a difference comes under this category. You can find all this and more in the Danube Hospitality Solutions Master Catalogue.

The Danube Hospitality Solutions master catalogue features a host of products that are suitable for the most top rated hotels in Dubai and across the GCC. Due to the supplier database spanning across 23 countries, Danube Hospitality Solutions have the perfect solutions for all kinds of property, whether it is a café, a restaurant, a serviced apartment, hotels or the most exclusive luxury resort.

The Master Catalogue will give hotel businesses a clear idea about the hospitality products they supply. Some of the hotel products brands that Danube Hospitality Solutions has made available to hospitality businesses in the region are Nikko, Ariane, Lilien Austria, Abert, Fagor, and their in-house brand- Milano to name a few. These brands have products designed to meet the demands of hospitality businesses and are therefore extremely durable. Some of the brands also offer the option to customize which means hotels can have their own décor motifs or logo that will add to the personal touch.

While there are several hospitality products suppliers in the market, Danube Hospitality Solutions stands apart due to the ability to consistently deliver the best quality at different price points depending on the client needs. Suppliers of hotel industry should be able to accommodate the demands of the often fast paced hospitality businesses.

Hotel amenities play a big part in enhancing overall guest experience. Hotel amenities suppliers should be able to provide personalized solutions that will impress the guests to create a lasting impression in their minds and make them want to come back and visit again. While it may be easy to find wholesale hotel supplies in the market, it is always better to opt for suppliers like Danube Hospitality Solutions that provide end-to-end services, to suit your budgetary requirements.

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