How to set up your hotel kitchen

10 June 2021

How to set up your hotel kitchen

by Danube Hospitality Solutions | 10 June 2021 | How to set up your hotel kitchen

Setting up your hotel kitchen can be a difficult task especially if you are a first time hotel owner. The kind of kitchen you need depends mainly on your scale of operations and the space you have allotted in your establishment for your kitchen.

Restaurants kitchen equipment is essential in any café, restaurant or hotel kitchen. In a hotel, there are quite a few things to consider when designing a kitchen as you are required to satisfy the needs of guests who more often than not will also be staying in your establishment.

Here are few things you should pay attention to when setting up your hotel kitchen:

- Organize the workflow:

A restaurant or hotel kitchen is usually a place bustling with a lot of activity. There will be a chef backed by a team running the day to day operations. Therefore it is important to design a hotel kitchen space that facilitates a seamless workflow with ample room for movement of traffic. Hotel kitchen tend to have larger staffs working in the same shifts so it is crucial to design walkways that allow more than one person to comfortably pass each other without the risk of a collision.

You also have to decide whether you wish to have an open kitchen or a closed one. Open kitchens allow guests to take a peek and see what’s going on in the kitchen. This is recommended if you have mastered the workflow in such a way that there will be minimum noise coming from the kitchen. A noisy kitchen can completely wreck the ambiance of the café, restaurant or hotel.

- Focus on flexibility:

Hotels are expected to serve several different functions for guests like the regular breakfast, lunch or dinner services, business conferences, weddings and other such events. The requirements of guests for each of these services also vary vastly in terms of variety and quantity of food that has to be prepared.

A well designed kitchen should be able to accommodate these variances. Easily movable prep tables and kitchen equipment allows you to customize the layout for different services ensuring efficient workflow irrespective of the occasion. You can order the best kitchen and restaurant supplies for your hotel from Danube Hospitality Solutions.

- Decide on storage needs:

Necessary items such as raw ingredients or other foodstuffs must be stored in the kitchen for safety and convenience whereas other items like extra dinnerware, paper goods and other such items do not have to be stored in the kitchen and can be stored in storage rooms or closets located in other parts of the hotel. Industrial kitchen equipment or restaurant kitchen appliances like fridge to store raw materials and food stuff, dishwashers, ovens, storage units for keeping bakery fresh are all essential for the smooth and efficient functioning of a hotel.

The front of the hotel or floor space where your guests are seated to enjoy meals is where revenue is generated and the back of the hotel can be dedicated to storing essentials thereby giving you the leeway to dedicate more space to the front than the back of the hotel when designing your kitchen. Having the ability to store larger inventory of supplies however, may save your business money as it may allow you to buy in bulk and reduced the purchase frequency.

- Serve ware:

Serve ware includes cutlery, crockery, buffet equipment and all the items that guests are served dishes in. There are several choices when it comes to serve ware in terms of material, design, size, shape and more. Chefs often decide on their plating requirements based on the dish they are preparing. However, when it comes to serve ware for hospitality businesses, the main thing to consider is durability. The question you should ask is if the item is designed to withstand use in a demanding hospitality environment. Apart from durability, it is always good to add a personal flair to your hotel crockery and cutlery through customization like adding your brand logo or decorative elements in line with your hotel theme. All this makes a lasting impact on the minds of your guests and even more so on their instagram feed. Danube Hospitality Solutions is one of the leading cutlery and crockery suppliers in Dubai with brands like Nikko, Ariane, Lilien Austria, William Edward, Milano and more.

- Room service & Catering:

One of the main services that your guests look forward to when booking a hotel is the room service feature. While the frequency of room service orders depend on the guest capacity, it is still good to allot a little extra space in your kitchen if you plan on offering this service. Design your room service menu keeping quality over quantity in mind. Having just a few items that taste phenomenal while being easy and quick to prepare can help take a load off your kitchen staff. Look for industrial kitchen suppliers like Danube Hospitality Solutions that can offer products like serving trays and trolleys essential for room service operations.

Many hotels also provide catering services especially if you have the facility to conduct business conferences, weddings or other events in the premises. If your hotel has such an option, it is important to invest in good quality catering equipment. Kitchen catering supplies include buffet line supplies like display trays, salad bar equipment, kitchen prep and transport supplies, cooking and holding supplies and equipment, catering beverage service supplies, etc. You can find all this and more at Danube Hospitality Solutions, the one stop shop for all your kitchen equipment needs!

- Decide and stick to your budget:

Budget is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when setting up any businesses. It is important to decide on how much you can afford to spend on different aspects of your hotel business. Once you buy or construct a hotel, the furniture and fixtures, the sanitary fittings, the lighting, the furnishing and the kitchen equipment are all going to cost money. It is important to allot a reasonable budget for each of these items. Make a hotel kitchen equipment price list in which you can mention the different equipment you will need and the best price it is available at. If your business is in the UAE, talk to kitchen manufacturers in the UAE of food equipment manufacturers that ship internationally and get quotes from each of them and compare prices.

Kitchen equipment price may vary from brand to brand and region to region. Kitchen equipment price in UAE may not be the same as kitchen equipment price in other parts of the world. The best option is to choose a kitchen equipment supplier like Danube Hospitality Solutions that has partnerships with several brands all over the world and can help you plan your hotel kitchen within your budget.

We hope the above points help you set up the perfect hotel kitchen!

While there are several kitchen equipment suppliers and kitchen equipment manufacturers in Dubai and across UAE who provide kitchen supplies at wholesale prices, it is important to always choose a brand you can trust like Danube Hospitality Solutions that supply kitchen equipment and end to end services for your hospitality business with a supplier base spanning across 23 countries and a product portfolio of over 41 different well-established brands that design cutlery, crockery, table ware, serve ware, food transport and storage equipment and more, exclusively for the most prestigious hospitality establishments across the world. Order the best kitchen equipment in UAE from Danube Hospitality Solutions.