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Your search for the best quality glassware ends here!

If you are looking for glassware for your hotel, restaurant, company, or commercial establishment, Danube Hospitality is the place to go.

Danube Hospitality is the premier supplier of a variety of glassware, drinkware, carafes, and more across UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. With partnerships with some of the most renowned brands like Luigi Bormioli, Bormioli Rocco, and Dartington, Danube Hospitality’s glassware range comprises of the best quality glass and drinkware in a host of shapes and sizes for all your beverage serving needs.

From stunning glasses to serve your finest merlot, and glassware that makes a simple iced cappuccino insta-worthy, to buffet glassware that’s dishwasher friendly and stands the test of time; Danube Hospitality has it all!

When choosing glassware for your café, restaurant, or hotel you have to take your pick keeping style, durability and functionality in mind. Glassware is one of the first items customers interact with in an establishment as a glass of water is the first thing you serve your customers, however, this is one of the most overlooked items. Opting for the finest quality glassware in designs and styles that reflect the personality of your establishment can help create a stellar first impression.

Danube Hospitality is the best glassware supplier due to their diverse selection, quality you can trust, and the end-to-end service they provide.