What to look for when buying kitchen operating supplies for your hospitality business

01 August 2021

What to look for when buying kitchen operating supplies for your hospitality business

by Danube Hospitality Solutions | 01 August 2021 | What to look for when buying kitchen operating supplies for your hospitality business

Buying kitchen operating supplies for a commercial kitchen in a restaurant or hotel business is very different than when you’re buying kitchen equipment and tools for home use. The scale of operations is large and many factors have to be accounted for when selecting each item, from quality and durability, to ease of use and maintenance.

Whether you are planning to purchase kitchen equipment from kitchenware wholesalers in Dubai or choose an end-to-end hospitality solution provider like Danube Hospitality Solutions, below are a few points to consider when investing in kitchen operating supplies for your hospitality establishment:

1. Need of the restaurant/hotel

The need of each restaurant varies based on the kind of cuisine you wish to serve your guests and your scale of operations. If you are a small café that can seat 50 guests at a time, what you need will be different from what would be required in a hotel establishment that offers room service, catering service, and dining-in for over 200 to 500 guests. Therefore, it is important to understand and make a list of all the kitchen equipment you will need for your business before making any purchase decision.

2. Quality

The next most important factor to look into is the quality of the kitchen equipment you are investing in. Industrial kitchen appliances, kitchen tools, crockery, catering tableware, and cutlery should be of the best quality to meet the demands of hospitality businesses. A mediocre quality product may not work after a few uses impacting business, so investing in good quality products is of utmost importance. All the serve ware used in a hotel should be dishwasher safe and should maintain a pristine look even after repeated washes; Opt for kitchen equipment brands and serve ware brands that are experts in creating products specifically for hospitality use.

3. Cost and ROI

Cost is another factor to consider as starting a restaurant or hotel business is quite expensive. The best way to determine how much you should spend on an item is by analyzing how much return you can make from the amount you invest in them. Consider your purchases as long-term investments for your business. If you are thinking of purchasing used equipment, you may have to account for any maintenance or repair charges you may incur. Used items may become too much of a hassle in the long run but, investing in kitchen equipment from good brands will allow you to operate your kitchen without a hassle for a long time. Most good brands come with warranties and guarantees too.

4. Consider the space

Measuring your kitchen space and allotting the right amount of space for each activity like cooking, food preparation, plating, storage, etc. is essential in a commercial kitchen. A seamless workflow comes from proper utilization of the available space and is necessary to ensure smooth daily operations. Buy equipment that fits your kitchen perfectly. Look out for kitchen equipment manufacturers in the UAE or anywhere in the world, who provide customizable solutions based on your specific business needs.

5. Ease of use & Maintenance

Your kitchen equipment should be easy to use and maintain for many years to come. You should pay extra attention to whether the equipment you are purchasing is user-friendly. Your kitchen staff should be able to use the kitchen equipment without a hassle and the machines should not be too complicated as they are meant to be used every day for a long time. The kitchen appliances and equipment should also be easy to clean and maintain as kitchen tools and equipment should be kept spotless regularly to ensure a safe dining experience for your guests. There are many kitchen equipment wholesale suppliers and restaurant cutlery suppliers across the UAE that sell hotel kitchen equipment, tools, and everything you would need in a commercial kitchen, however, it is important to choose brands that specialize in creating products for hospitality establishments. Danube Hospitality Solutions has partnered with over 41 international brands that provide the best products for any type of hospitality business.

6. Meet food and health safety requirements

The equipment and appliances you invest in for your business should meet all the health and safety guidelines specified by the authorities in charge. There are several measures taken by the UAE to maintain food safety. All hotel and restaurant premises must be kept clean and in good condition and the kitchen design must provide suitable space for working and maintaining hygienic practices, and provide suitable conditions for handling and storage of food.

7. Future-proof

When making a long-term investment like commercial kitchen equipment, it is important to ensure that you are prepared for any future expansion plans that you may have. It is important to know if the equipment you buy will grow with your business. Keeping this in mind will ensure that you do not have to spend on kitchen equipment if you were to expand your businesses at a faster pace.

8. Sustainability

There is a lot of focus on sustainable and environment-friendly practices when it comes to hospitality businesses. Many customers are now very eco-conscious and want to make good choices for the planet and them. Therefore, it is important to invest in equipment that is energy efficient and leaves little to no carbon footprint. Proper food storage equipment is also essential to minimize food wastage. Danube Hospitality Solutions diligently adheres to green, carbon-neutral, and sustainable production practices.

9. Speed

A restaurant or hotel kitchen is often a fast-paced environment with different activities happening at the same time. Therefore, kitchen tools and equipment used should be able to keep up with the pace of the restaurant. Whether you are running a fast-food establishment or a luxury resort, your guests will expect dishes to be served in a reasonable time frame and the kitchen appliances used play a big role in this. Food processors, ovens, chopping tools, and other equipment should be chosen carefully to help speed up the cooking process.

10. Scope for personalization

While personalizing your kitchen utensils, cutlery and crockery are not essential to the smooth functioning of your hotel establishment, it is good to have customizable options that showcase your hotel business as a brand. Having your logo as part of the decoration on your plates could help build awareness about your business and aid with brand recall too. If you plan on expanding your hotel or restaurant business by opening up branches in multiple locations, having your unique design on your cutlery and crockery is a great option to have. There are several hotel cutlery suppliers, restaurant crockery suppliers, kitchenware suppliers, and kitchen catering equipment suppliers in the market. However, Danube Hospitality Solutions stands out with its host of different international brands that allow you to customize your crockery and cutlery to suit your business.

We hope the above points will help you find the best commercial kitchen operating supplies and equipment for your business. To check out the wide range of kitchen operating supplies and equipment at Danube Hospitality Solutions, check out the kitchen equipment e-catalogue: bit.ly/DHSMaster