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To address the dual global issue of water scarcity and use of plastics by providing a sustainable, pure drinking water solution for different sectors, across hospitality, healthcare , F&B, hospitals, farms and commercial establishments.


To provide Water to the World “W2W” by producing billion ltrs of water annually and contribute to reduce plastics and reach wherever there is a scarcity of water. With AirOWater’s technology that converts humidity in the air to water, our vision will slowly but surely become a reality and be the change we want to bring to the society.

AirOWater - Bringing together a unique combination of innovation, sustainability and social welfare


Innovative solution Water from humidity in the air

Our Purpose is to contribute to one of the gravest problems of humanity, in a cost-effective and sustainable manner

Impact of Water Crisis – Serious Ramifications!


Globally, women spend a collective 200 million hours/day for collecting drinking water thus depriving them from other productive work. Many children in various parts of the world have to search and transport clean and safe drinking water across long distance, leading to abandon education Women are at a higher risk for infections due to their frequent contact with unsanitary water.


Children are affected by life-threatening diarrhea from parasites in unclean water or water borne diseases like cholera Diarrhea, triggered from consuming unclean water is one of the top three leading causes of child death. 160 million children suffer from stunting and chronic malnutrition linked to water and sanitation.


Scarce water is a major obstacle to economic prosperity with sectors like agriculture relying on the precious resource in their operations. $260 billion is lost globally each year due to lack of basic water and sanitation Water crisis will shave off approx. 6% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product(GDP) by 2050.

Clean Water – An Endangered Global Resource?

The day is not far when drinking water becomes the most precious commodity on the planet. Groundwater, currently the main source of drinking water, is being depleted at alarming and unsustainable rates even as the search for alternate water sources continues

  • By 2025, 1.8 billion people will be with absolute water scarcity, Two-thirds of the world's population could be living under water stressed conditions

The Pain Point – Heart Wrenching Situation!

Causes of Water Crisis

Increasing Population
Tremendous increase in population has burdened the natural resources

Climate Change
Higher temperatures are increasing evapotranspiration from vegetation, land, surface water, and oceans

Industrial Waste
Toxic substances released from factories and industrial establishments causes water pollution

  • Global Crisis
  • Water Diseases
  • Lack of Clean Water

Global Crisis

  • 700 million people worldwide could be displaced by intense water scarcity by 2030
  • Approx. 4 billion people live under severe water scarcity at least one month per year

Water Diseases

  • Every 2 minutes a child dies from a water-related disease
  • Contaminated drinking water is estimated to cause 4,85,000 diarrhea deaths each year

Lack of Clean Water

  • 785 million people lack basic drinking-water, including 144 million people who are dependent on surface water
  • At least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces

Impact of Plastic

AirOWater - Bringing together a unique combination of innovation, sustainability and social welfare

Social Focus

Along with providing water from air, we also promote micro-entrepreneurship through installation of water kiosks,
empowering women to enhance their standard of lives and dignity.

We thus address the following SDGs of UN:

Plastic Footprint Reduction With AirOWater

Dewpoit Super Dewpoit Hyper Dewpoit Mega Dewpoit Ultra Dewpoit Ambar
Amount of water generated per day 100 Liters 250 Liters 500 Liters 1000 Liters 3000 Liters
Amount of water generated per year at 90% efficiency 32850 Liters 82125 Liters 164250 Liters 328500 Liters 985500 Liters
Approx number of pet bottles reduction per year 40000 90000 180000 330000 1000000
Plastic footprint reduction per year 1440 Kgs 3240 Kgs 6480 Kgs 11880 Kgs 35478 Kgs

The world’s leading technology in air to water conversion

Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) using green technology that harvestswater from the humidity in the air.

It is a unique, reliable and adaptable technology, creating water fromair, providing fresh, bacteria-free, pure drinking water.

The water produced is completely free from contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals, generally present in ground water supplied through age-old pipelines.

Water made from the atmospheric air, without any water input source.

100%pure and safe for consumption

Healthy to drink, with higher oxygen levels

4-step filtration system with continuous ozonation of water

Works as dehumidifier

Stainless steel water storage tank

Environmentfriendly and safe for consumption, with zero wastage

Easy and quick installation

Affordable, costeffective solution

Works like nature’s own
process of generating water

  • The 4-Step Filtration Process
    The specially formulated filtration process ensures that water is untouched by pollution and as fresh as possible.
  • Air Filter
    Air filter & Micro dust form filtration
  • Water Dust Filter
    Removes external particles
  • Water Filter
    Pre Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter RO & Membrane TCR Removes colour, odour, all physical impurities up to 5 micron
  • Ozone Generator
    Disinfects, oxidizes and deodorizes and leaves better taste for water. Destroys all types of microorganisms instantly.